Creating your site in Squeaky is incredibly simple, all you’ll need to get started is a URL (e.g. that you plan to capture visitor data on, and a Squeaky user account.

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1. Creating your Site

1.1 Squeaky landing page

When you first sing in to the Squeaky app you’ll see a simple landing page with a button that allows you to add your site to Squeaky, click it to proceed:


1.2 Complete the ‘Add Site’ flow

1.2.1 Choose your site type

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Add Site’ button you’ll be shown a modal window that contains the ‘Add Site’ flow. This is a simple sequence of steps to help you get set up as easily as possible.

In the first step you have to choose your site type. This setting leads to a few subtle changes in your interface and site settings, but if you don’t know what do choose you can pick either option and change the settings later.


1.2.3 Add your site details

The next step includes a short form that allows you to define your site details in Squeaky. In the example below we’re going to use the details for a fictitious company called ACME Inc.