Installing your Squeaky tracking code is as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code.

There are a few different ways to install your tracking code depending on whether you are using a third-party platform (e.g. a CMS like Wordpress or Shopify) or manually installing the code. In the page below you’ll find guides for both options.

If you’re having any trouble getting set up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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1. Install using a third-party

In each of the pages below you’ll find a detailed platform-specific guides to help you install your tracking code:


Google Tag Manager






<aside> 💬 What if your platform or framework isn't listed above?

Squeaky works with most third-party platforms used to create websites and web apps. If you don't see a guide for the platform or framework you're using, it doesn't mean you can't use Squeaky. For all platforms that are not listed above, follow the manual installation steps below, or contact us.


2. Manual installation