Setting up Squeaky on your Wordpress website is really simple - we should know, as our first website was built in Wordpress and we used the Squeaky Tracking Code on there ourselves!

Simply follow the instruction below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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1. Find your Squeaky Tracking Code

First things first, let’s find your copy of the Squeaky Tracking Code.

<aside> 💬 Please note:

The examples below show the installation process using the Tracking Code page within your site in the Squeaky application, but the instructions are exactly the same for performing installation using the ‘Add Site’ flow documented here.


1.1 Navigation to Site Settings / Tracking Code


1.2 Click ‘Copy to clipboard’


2. Log in to Wordpress

Log in to the Wordpress admin area for the website that you wish to install Squeaky on.